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Awesome podcast

My only disappointment is the subscription solicitation. I appreciate every minute you put into studying and writing your stories and am thankful to still have some to listen to. Thank you for your hard work.

Thank you

Thank for the warning on the crush episodes.


Bless her for speaking her story. I absolutely loved The Mists of Avalon in my youth (I’m 60 now) and was horrified to learn the author was a monster. I don’t separate art from the artist. I apologize for all the money I gave her - hoping Moira gets it now and she finds peace.

First time listening today

This podcast was recommended to me by a coworker today. I have been looking for a new podcast and it’s not easy to keep my attention. I was instantly hooked! I am now binging it on Patreon. Well done!👏👏👏 Love Love Love it!

Slow down

The rapid and weirdly cadenced speech is very off-putting. You have to wonder what the glowing reviews are comparing him to? This is a hack job, nothing more—no way will I subscribe.


A podcast that is very well researched, with great delivery and intriguing stories. Thank you, keep up the amazing work ⭐️💪💪

Never Disappoints

I’m a Patreon member of this podcast! I love the storytelling and the deep details, but I also love that content warnings are posted. Keep them coming!

Spooky 🎃👻☠️

I’m a new listener and I absolutely love your podcast, currently listening to the Halloween special part 1 , I’m enjoying it, looking forward to listening to more dark stories, thanks 🙏🏽💓

Well Done Sir

I have to stop some podcast because I can’t hear them over background noise at work - But I hear your powerful voice and the powerful reality of your words - thank you - great listen

The best podcast of its kind

You can hear the compassion and intelligence in the hosts voice. This is just so well done. All those ego driven true crime podcasts need to take a lesson from this man—Quit laughing at your own jokes and maybe give the subject matter the dignity it deserves.

I need more

I’ve binged every episode and now I’m waiting for more release. Fantastic job! ♥️

Favorite podcast

I love the reverence with which Justin handles the subject matter. Other true crime podcasts seem to trivialize the brutality of the topic at hand, and it feels like doing a disservice to the victims to listen to. This is a refreshing departure from the true crime status quo


A podcast that is very well researched, with great delivery and intriguing stories. Thank you, keep up the amazing work ⭐️💪💪

Capital Podcast!

I love Jack Luna ❤️ 11:59 platform has awesome shows like The Operater 911! Always a pleasure to hob nob virtually with like minds….Thank you!


Thanks for the time you spend on your episodes. Great content. If you ever need an editor, HMU. We all appreciate the entertainment.


I enjoy the background music, your voice and how you tell these sad/maddening stories… along with your dry humor thrown in.

Love the show

Great show. Different voice. Your easy to listen to and you get into the details perfectly. Keep it up boss.

Great podcast

Love this podcast.

Love it! This one is on my short list!

When I hear the crackling fire and the host says, “Welcome listener, I’m glad you’re here. Take a seat, next to the fire,” my mind and body just relax, and I settle in to enjoy the story. His voice is perfect for true crime narration. There are so many true crime podcast available, but this one is on my short list.

Love this podcast

Does a great job of keeping you interested even throughout the dark stuff this is what I like great work

Must listen!

Thanks for entertaining me!

Main beef: Tone & Inflection

I enjoy this podcast but find that Justin’s cadence when reading is the most irritating feature. It’s comparable to someone dancing off beat. That’s my main beef. The stories are original, well researched and raw. Justin also seems to care for his listeners. That means something. I’ll keep listening but please improve the reading!!

I’m a bit obsessed!!!

Absolutely adore your podcast!! I’m a huge crime nerd and I just can’t get enough of your style and knowledge. I get so excited when a new episode comes out. You’ve been a huge inspiration to me and I love this medium where I can binge and learn. This is a must listen to you’ll never regret it podcast!!! Laura Rodrigues McDonald

My Favorite Podcast

Obscura is a unique take on the true crime genre. Justin has an approach to each story that draws listeners in and engross them in the story.

Excellent podcast

Straight and to the point true crime.

The Best True Crime Podcast Out There

Justin has a very soothing voice that draws you in immediately. Then you need to buckle up, because unlike other podcasts he’s not afraid to give you the dirty details. If you join his Patreon you get the Black Label episodes which are my favorite ones. Good job, Justin and crew!

Best true crime

Justin achieves some of the most extensive coverage of cases I’ve ever heard. His voice is excellent and the vibe of the entire show is so spooky. I love it.

Campfire storytelling

This show absolutely pulled me in. Not only can you hear a fire crackling in the background to add to the campfire vibe, Justin has the perfect storytelling voice. Always respectful to victims and detailed. I’m always so excited when a new episode pops up!

So thrilled!

This is a true standout podcast in the true crime genre…I was thrilled to see there was a new episode today!!!!


I just found this podcast yesterday & I’m already addicted! I’ve listened to tons of TC pods & this has become one of my tops for sure. Keep it up!!