Sept. 15, 2022

[Black Label] Nick Stoutzenberger

[Black Label] Nick Stoutzenberger

When I created Black Label, it was a response to the backlash I received after covering Nick Stoutzenberger. Or Nick Bate as he’s known online. Angry blog posts and emails were written. Twitter was pissed. I realized that I needed a buffer for the darker content. And Black Label has served that purpose well. Going back to the original episode and hear it after all of these years has been a trip. Though I’m not happy with the quality of the production.

Today we return to the case that laid the groundwork. The beginning before the beginning. The prequel. We return and we cement the case into the dark halls of Black Label. Now. I’m not going to waste your time any longer. Listener, I hope you enjoy this production of Black Label Episode 0. Nick Stoutzenberger: Into the Mouth of Madness.

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