March 29, 2023

73: Phillip Vasyli: Paradise Lost

73: Phillip Vasyli: Paradise Lost
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The tropical archipelago of The Bahamas is surrounded by crystal clear waters, spectacular reefs and boasts some of The Caribbean’s most pristine beaches. The picture perfect setting is home to a relaxed pace of life, friendly locals, and around 340 days of sunlight per year. In March 2015, wealthy Australian celebrity podiatrist Phillip Vasyli and his family were living the dream in the exclusive gated community of Old Fort Bay. Phillip and his wife Donna had just finished putting the finishing touches to building their palatial dream home. It was the culmination of years of hard work on a business which was continuing to go gangbusters internationally.

But life in paradise isn’t always footloose and fancy free. Beneath the veneer of Phillip’s flashy product launches and extravagant parties, there was discontent in his personal life. His marriage to Donna was strained and the couple were known to argue frequently. But Phillip was highly successful and a real innovator in the podiatry industry. He owed much of this to Donna’s unwavering support and commitment to the business that had provided them with a lavish lifestyle few of us could hope to have. The future was bright for Phillip and his family. Until it suddenly went dark.

CW: drug use, family violence

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