March 15, 2023

72: Deafening Silence - Crime in Science Fiction, Part 02

72: Deafening Silence - Crime in Science Fiction, Part 02

In part one of this series, I spoke directly with a victim of child abuse within the Science Fiction community. Moira, the victim in question, her parents put her through direct physical, mental, and sexual abuse. Marion Zimmer Bradley, Moira’s mother, now deceased, was a member of the SFWA. That’s important to note. A member of the SFWA.

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association, founded in 1965, has not taken steps to condemn the actions of past members. Actions awful enough to make up at a minimum of three. This second part is going to have tunnel vision on an active member of the SFWA. But the next episode will take a scorched earth approach.

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