Nov. 23, 2022

64: The Murder of Jennifer Webb

64: The Murder of Jennifer Webb

Emotions lie deep within each of us. Hidden from outside view yet powerful and busy activations that twist and turn inside ourselves. They drive our behaviors and our choices.

We aren’t always honest about what we truly feel because we are unsure and unwilling to evoke unknown reactions from those around us. An internal pressure cooker can result. Boiling with more ferocity as time uncontrollably creeps forward. Either that dangerous steam is released healthily or it explodes pushing decisions that are devastatingly final and entirely irreversible.

Listener, the story you are about to hear is tragic and horrifying. Not everything is as it seems. The kind of individual who could carry out this crime is not one you want walking the streets. A person who is willing to do the unthinkable to protect their reputation. A complete lack of responsibility and unwillingness to face consequences leads to a shocking and brutal decision. It was a dark and devilish plan that failed miserably.

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