Nov. 9, 2022

63: The Actress, Samantha Wohlford

63: The Actress, Samantha Wohlford

Confidence and self-belief can be beautiful powerful emotions enabling a positive life and a balanced way of living. They can be and should be used for good. But when accompanied by selfishness and egotistical arrogance, hand-in-hand in an unhealthy chain, they create a cesspit of danger. Darkness can find a way in, burrowing into its core. 

In Texas, in 2015 a chance meeting and a single conversation turned into frightful violence in less than twelve hours. Like a pack of wolves in silent premonition, individuals intertwined and crept through the night with no forewarning to their unsuspecting target. It was their calculated decision to pick up a life and forcibly remove it taking away their future and their children’s chance of knowing them. It was a cold and heartless act that devastated lives. 

Writer: Fiona Guy

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