Oct. 26, 2022

62: Chandler Halderson, Part 02

62: Chandler Halderson, Part 02

The most dangerous person of all is one with a twisted inner mind who blends into society without being noticed. Quietly watching and planning. Considering their options while participating in normal family life as if all was well. These are the people who pose the most threat. They are the ones who rear up, violent and sudden with no warning and no precursor.

Defense against these attacks is almost always futile. What is left behind is a façade of innocence banking on previous good character and unimposing life to protect them and cover their hideous actions. Lives are taken and they are destroyed, and the perpetrator walks on. Unaffected, uncaring, and entirely self-serving. These are the people whom we should fear the most.

Two lives were snatched away in July 2021 and two people who had never hurt a soul had their dignity stripped from them. The details of this case are harrowing and deeply disturbing. At the centre is a young man who has devastated lives with his senseless actions. A young man who possesses a character that is loathsome and dangerous. Listener, the tragic case of the Halderson’s is one you will never be able to forget.

Warning: Violence, Dismemberment

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