Oct. 12, 2022

61: Chandler Halderson, Part 01

61: Chandler Halderson, Part 01

The lies people tell can lead to devastating consequences. When they become too big, they get cumbersome, heavy, and hard to maintain. More lies are needed on top. Layer after layer. A complex spider’s web emerges that requires detail to be remembered. It needs the connections, and the paths of each thread traced and tracked in some way. It’s a web woven to deceive through the creation of a false reality.

In 2021 the world was starting to right itself after a turbulent year due to Covid-19. For one family the events that were to follow are unthinkable, encasing the true meaning of brutality, disrespect, and betrayal. When evil this dark rises it does so from nowhere. It comes unexpected and unprecedented leaving lifelong irreparable damage in its wake.

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