July 20, 2022

57: The Corn Rake Murder, Part 02

57: The Corn Rake Murder, Part 02

Nothing will set anger alight more intensely than betrayal. Once this fire starts to burn, for certain people, there’s only one way to dampen it down and extinguish the flames. Love is an emotion that is presumed to last forever. An invisible bond between two people that is cherished, nurtured, and protected. It is the fairy-tale dream. The concept of it being transferable, changeable, and decidedly unflinching in doing so is never considered until it becomes confrontational and impossible to ignore.

In 2018 a quiet rural farm in Earlville, Iowa became a scene of horror in a matter of seconds. That frosty November morning was the accumulation of months of discontent, hidden fears, and quiet planning in a marriage that was deeply scarred.

Love, betrayal, revenge, and self-preservation are the undercurrents of this case. Building in intensity they weaved together like hissing snakes seeking their final destination and most anticipated meal. Cold-blooded and determined they were the driver of one man’s actions that can never be reversed, and nothing would stand in their way.

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