June 8, 2022

55: Neil Entwistle: A Family Murdered, Part 02

55: Neil Entwistle: A Family Murdered, Part 02

British man Neil Entwistle was once an intelligent university graduate with IT qualifications that could have taken him far in life. At 27-years old, he was a husband and a father on the first joyous steps to a new family life. Now he had little stimulation and little to look at day after day in the tiny space he could barely call his own. It was a world away from his expensive family rental in the suburbs of Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

The grey concrete floor was in stark contrast to the chipped, rusting, and blue painted metal gate that boxed in his grim cell. He was an inmate at Middlesex County Jail in Cambridge, an ugly grey high-rise building regular inmates called ‘the slammer in the sky’. On the right, there was a metal bed firmly attached to the wall with a thin mattress thrown on top. On the left less than 2 feet away was a toilet and small washbasin also both screwed into the concrete wall.

Entwistle had been charged with the brutal murder of his 27-year-old wife Rachel and his 9-month-old baby Lillian. Both had died from gunshot wounds. Both shots were fired at close range. Their killer stood over them, arm outstretched, finger on the trigger, and took their lives in a matter of seconds. The bleak concrete cell had been his home since his arrest weeks after the murders in January 2006. Now it was 2008 and his trial for the cold-blooded murder of his family was about to begin.

CW: child murder

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