May 25, 2022

54: Neil Entwistle: A Family Murdered, Par 01

54: Neil Entwistle: A Family Murdered, Par 01

We all have secrets. Internal thoughts we keep to ourselves. Actions and behaviours we carry out in private that no one else knows about. Part of those internal personal thoughts are fantasies, dreams, and desires that we don’t always share. But when those work together, when they have a dark undercurrent and come tumbling out of the mind and into real-life, the outcome is never a good one.

In January 2006, the town of Hopkinton in Massachusetts became the scene of a heart-breaking and shocking tragedy that sparked attention in both America and the UK. In a small quiet family orientated cul-de-sac just under five miles from the town center, a young family had just begun their new lives in Massachusetts with their 9-month-old baby Lily. Within weeks, two family members would be dead and the other nowhere to be found. Secrets and lies, even those kept within the depths of darkness and firmly behind the mask of normality have a way of spilling out in the end. And when they do, it changes everything.

CW: child death

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