Sept. 1, 2021

38: The Bourke Street Massacre, Part 01

38: The Bourke Street Massacre, Part 01

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(Part 1) On 20 January 2017, office workers and tourists were among the throngs of people making their way through Bourke Street Mall amidst the lunch hour hustle and bustle of the Melbourne CBD. But the sunny summer’s day was rudely disrupted by the sound of tires skidding and police sirens blaring. In less than a minute, 27 year old James Gargasoulas had driven along the footpath multiple blocks of Bourke Street, wreaking havoc and creating a terror amongst Melbourne citizens, the fallout of which lingers today. During his rampage, James killed six people, including a three month old baby, and injured many more. But this wasn’t the most shocking aspect of what occurred. James was a repeat violent offender, and was on bail when he ploughed through the city crowds. The cascade of events culminating in what can only be described as utter carnage, led to painful questions. How safe was the Melbourne public in the course of going about their business? And how could they trust that those tasked with keeping them safe - the police - could protect them and their city when it mattered?

US National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 (24 hours)
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